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Mayhem Strength Low Row - Pioneering Back Training Through Versatility

The Mayhem Strength Low Row is a very intriguing piece offered in the back lineup, and arguably as much of a staple as all other machines on the market. While it operates on a similar path like many low rows on the market, there are many factors that set it apart from these including its pivoting chest pad and carabiner attachment brackets, making it one of the most versatile machines in the Mayhem Strength plate loaded arsenal.


Why Perform Low Rows?

There are many exercises in the fitness industry often called low rows, so when discussing them in the sense of any kind of program or bodybuilding split, they can tend to get mixed up in what exercise is actually being performed. For instance, I could write down in my journal that I performed Low Rows for three sets of eight, but that doesn't specify the kind of low row I performed and what muscle I am attempting to bias through that exercise. It could be a cable low row, a selectorized machine low row, or even a plate loaded low row like in this instance. In any sense, low rows of certain variations provide a great amount of stimulus to the Latissimus Dorsi muscles and depending on the positioning of the elbows and the upper arm throughout the motion, the Trapezius and Rhomboid could also play a major role. In this case, because the motion of this machine takes the user from low hand positioning, then to drawing the elbows and upper arms back and up, it biases more of the upper back musculature like the Rhomboids and Trapezius muscles. Many will still feel a great amount of stretch placed onto the Lat muscles, which in any case is good! However, low rows of this case, will provide the thick and dense upper back that scares people off when you're in a dimly lit hallway and they just see the outline of your shoulders (assuming that's the goal) or provide you with some nice muscles to flex on the beach in your tank top or bikini. Either way, building a toned, sturdy, and strong upper back will help you in all things you do and the Mayhem Strength Low Row is a great aid in that process.


What Separates Our Low Row From Others?

Many low row machines on the market perform similar exercises and can gain you similar results based on their resistance profiles and the movements that the machines put you through. While other low rows are great for what they advertise, we strive to provide that and more. Our Mayhem Strength Low Row offers a variety of features in the design that allow it to be used in tons of different ways. We implemented a bracket on each movement arm with a hole in the end of the bracket. This hole allows for any standard sized carabiner to be attached with a D-Handle or any kind of cable attachment. In doing this, you open up a variety of grip options and variance in the resistance profile depending on how you stand or sit on the machine, and also the muscles being worked depending on the direction you pull in. We've also implemented numerous adjustment points on the seat pad and chest pad depending on your shape and size. Lastly, the chest pad has the ability to pivot so you can easily change your torso angle and completely switch the direction you pull from, also allowing you to perform Lat pullovers! All of these additions to this machine make it one of the best on the market, especially when considering price point, footprint, and the overall quality of the machine.


Quality AND Customization

As I said, our low row is one of the most cost effective and beneficial back machines on the market. With these perks, you may doubt the quality with which it is produced at. Have no fear! Like all of our Mayhem Strength machines, the Low Row is constructed from the highest quality materials and manufactured using the highest of standards in machines and technology. We also have the ability to fully customize these machines based on frame color, movement arm color, pad color, and pad logo, making this and others the perfect machine for any franchise gym, start-up facility, or just a home gym owner that loves a good pump on a good-looking piece of equipment.


Key Takeaways

Back training will never remain the same the moment this machine gets in your facility. Opening up a wide variety of exercises to perform in your facility like supersets, pre-exhaust supersets, and drop sets all on the same machine can revolutionize the development in your physique and take the intensity of your sessions to another level. This machine provides you with the ability to do exactly that, while not breaking the bank or your floorplan. If you want to see this phenomenal machine in action, go ahead and check it out here. If you want to purchase, drop it in your cart here. And if you want to customize this and many more machines through the Mayhem Strength arsenal, hit up our sales here.