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Mayhem Strength T-Bar Row – The Best Back Machine for Muscle Growth

Why is the Mayhem Strength T-Bar Row the best back machine on the market? Simple – the Mayhem Strength T-Bar Row offers adjustability, comfort, and versatility unlike any other machine or exercise out there. First of all, lets go over why you should choose this machine over any other standard back exercise.


There are plenty of exercises you can perform with a standard barbell, plates, and dumbbells like bent over rows, chest supported dumbbell rows, Meadows rows, and seal rows. Often times, while these variations may be beneficial for muscular hypertrophy, they force you to utilize other muscles for stabilization and support or they require immense setup thus taking away from the total amount of weight you can lift and in return, the amount of muscle growth you can obtain from that exercise! For example, while bent over rows directly benefit the Latissimus Dorsi muscles to some extent, they also require an immense amount of stabilization and effort from the Erector Spinae, Core, and even the Hamstrings and Glutes. If the goal is to grow your Latissimus Dorsi, Trapezius, Rhomboids, and Posterior Deltoids, why perform an exercise that requires immense effort from other muscles that aren't the direct target muscle? Exactly, there's no point!


With that being said, there are plenty of standing T-Bar Row machines on the market that essentially act the same as a bent over barbell or dumbbell row, while tricking you into paying for a machine that just takes up space in your gym. Many of these standing T-Bar Row machines provide the same amount of stimulus that you can obtain from the exercises performed above, but they justify it by offering variable grip options to hopefully get a couple quick bucks while providing sub-optimal results. If you are considering these machines, turn your attention to any generic landmine attachment and a barbell, and I can guarantee you will see the same results. Even better, go grab a tennis ball, cut a hole in it, stick it on the tip of your barbell, and shove it in the corner so you can perform more than just a row while saving some cash.


And so, this is why the Mayhem Strength T-Bar Row trumps all of those exercises and machines listed above. With an incredibly comfortable chest pad made out of high density foam, the user is easily supported while performing any kind of row variation, thus completely eliminating any fatigue on the Erector Spinae and Core muscles. With an adjustable footplate, users of all shapes and sizes can easily utilize this machine depending on whatever their height may be and also the muscle they wish to work. A key feature on this machine is the 360 degree rotating handles that also have the ability to pivot in whichever direction the user pulls from. With this functionality, you can pull using a supinated, pronated, neutral, or alternating grip. These handles also have the ability to adjust based on whatever width the user wishes to focus on, making this machine a staple in any back day. Incredibly strong and on a journey of maxing out any back machine you use? No worries, with the combination of a long weight horn and shallow angle, this T-Bar Row will surely put up a hell of a fight. Not to mention, the Mayhem Strength T-Bar Row is made out of 11 Gauge steel, so it can definitely take a beating.


With all of that being said, I hope my point is proven. If you are interested in purchasing this machine, feel free to shop here: If you feel like continuing on your journey of leaving gains on the table, then by all means please keep performing your bent over rows. I'll be on the Mayhem Strength T-Bar Row sculpting a back unlike any other.

Interested in seeing this machine in action? Check it out right here!