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Mayhem Strength Low Lat Pullover - A Staple for a Golden Era Physique

The Mayhem Strength Low Lat Pullover provides a unique training stimulus that can either be the forefront of one's back day, or utilized as a finisher to demolish what fibers were not hit through a traditional back training session of vertical and horizontal pulling. Let's go over some of the main characteristics of what makes this machine so different, so humbling, and overall so great. But first, what is it and how do you use it?


What is it?

The Mayhem Strength Low Lat Pullover is a machine that emulates a very similar motion performed in a cable lat pullover (sometimes called a straight-arm pulldown, standing cable pullover, or rope pullover). This machine is similar to those movements in the case that it forces the user to keep minimal elbow flexion throughout the movement due to the design of the movement arms. Because of this, the end result is a motion that brings the user's hands out in front of their face and overhead, to close to the side of the hip. Although it may look like one, this is unlike any sort of high row machine as the path that the elbows take is completely unique!


How to Use the Low Lat Pullover:

There are a few things to go over before using this machine. One thing to analyze is which grip you would prefer to use. On our current model, we have 4 different options for grip position and width. There are two inside grips varying in supinated (underhand) and pronated (overhand) biased positions. There are also two outside grips, one being more biased to a supinated position, and one being more of a neutral grip. Depending on your preferred feeling, arm musculature, and overall comfort, there is a grip option for you. The next step would be to determine a seat position. With this, you want a positioning that is setting you high/low enough to feel the effects of the pullover motion, while also ensuring you do not maximize your elbow flexion to target more bicep musculature. There are seven different seat adjustment points, so determining your preferred option should not be difficult! The next thing to do would be determining your preferred thigh pad adjustment point. Depending on the thickness of your thighs, and which seat position you are seated at, these thigh pad positions will surely be sufficient in providing you support and stabilization. Once all of these adjustment points are determined, it's time to load some weight on the long stainless steel weight horns, sit down, grab the handles, and light the lats up.


The Mayhem Strength Low Lat Pullover: Science Explained

As stated before, the beauty of this machine is that it provides a wickedly unique angle of attack that any traditional back exercise does not compare to. Horizontal and vertical pulling motions are the staple of any back routine, but bodybuilders swear by the benefits of pullovers of all sorts, whether it be through cables, dumbbells, and even old rusted chain driven pullover machines. The beauty of a pullover exercise is that it provides a distinctive stimulus to the Latissimus Dorsi musculature that lights up the lower lat fibers, giving many classic bodybuilders the "V-Taper" they so often seek. With this machine, it allows the user to not only perform the movement comparable to those stated above, but perform them unilaterally (one side at a time), and load them in manners they may not have been able to do so before using standard 2" Olympic plates. While this is intriguing, it is also most certainly beneficial that this machine's movement arms operate on an axis that allows the musculature to be loaded primarily most in the stretched position of the movement. The weight rotates along the axis to fluctuate the load according to what is going to prove to be most beneficial to the user, so the load being biased towards the stretched position allows the user to acquire more mechanical tension, incur more muscle damage, and in turn grow more. Overall, the Mayhem Strength Low Lat Pullover is designed to force the lats to grow, while simultaneously putting you under loads you may have never felt before on machines that might not be getting you optimal results. There is a reason why classic bodybuilders, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Sergio Oliva, Reg Park, and even Lee Haney included Lat Pullovers into their routine. It gave them width, while providing a taper that helped define Golden Era Aesthetics in its entirety.


How Is It Made?

The Mayhem Strength Low Lat Pullover is manufactured from hand selected materials including high quality 11 gauge steel that utilizes advanced tube bending and welding processes to ensure clean and precise construction from start to finish. All four handles are capped with aluminum endcaps, offering a clean aesthetic that minimizes normal wear and tear you may see on other competitors. With that, high density foam pads are used for every single piece on this machine, giving a comfortable and durable feel from the moment you sit down. And lastly, stainless steel is utilized on all six weight horns (four for storage, two for use) to prevent rust and corrosion as seen on many of our competitors. All portions of the Mayhem Strength Low Lat Pullover are built using meticulous craftsmanship. The perfect mixture of all of these qualities allows for a durable yet sleek and modern look that will fit in any fitness facility, studio, and even warehouse gym.


Not Convinced?

While all of these details have informed you about why this machine is so great, you may still be considering other companies, other machines, and even just not considering Mayhem Strength at all. We here at Mayhem Strength have the ability to ship nationwide based off of your needs and your circumstances. Need it assembled because you don't feel like putting it together? We've got you. Want it in a custom color, custom logo embossed on the pads, and every last inch of it personalized to your own liking? Mayhem Strength can do that. We realize that the reputation of many brands may be what separates us from them, being a newly established company with something still to prove, which is why we offer a 100-day money back guarantee along with a 5-year warranty on pieces such as this. With that being said, if you are to take anything from this, I hope you can look at this machine as an investment into the future of your gym and the industry itself. This machine will certainly go down as one of the classic pieces that are sought after in many OG facilities, and you will be one of the first to get your hands on it.

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